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  6. Having issues with call quality?

    Check the following if you face issues with call quality: Refresh your browser. Check your device and internet connection. Run a network speed test at or . Recommended speed is 1Mbps for both upload/down...
  7. Still facing an issue?

    Most of the call issues can be fixed by doing the following:  Close your browser and rejoin the appointment from a supported browser.  Change your device  For support, reach out to the phone number provided in your ...
  8. My appointment was marked DNA

    The appointment status is marked as DNA (did not attend) when patient has missed the appointment.
  9. I received an appointment invite link

    Patient can join the appointment once he or she receives the appointment invite link through SMS/email. Make sure you join the appointment immediately after receiving the invite as the clinician would be waiting for you to join the video call.
  10. What devices can I use?

    Supported devices Smart phone Tablet Laptop Desktop computer Make sure that your device (laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet) meets the following criteria: Operating System Version Model Windows 7, 8.x, 10 or later macOS ...