Quick Call Guide

How do I attend an appointment?

What to do to prepare for your appointment call.

  • Choose a private space with good connectivity.
  • Make sure your device's mic and camera are working correctly.
  • Choose a less busy background for your call.
  • Use a supported browser to avoid unnecessary issues.
  • Unlock screen rotation before joining the call.

To  attend an appointment:

  1. You will receive a pre-appointment letter providing information about your upcoming appointment. Review the letter to ensure you are prepared for the upcoming appointment. A link to a FAQ is provided to answer questions about attending the appointment. Included in the FAQ is troubleshooting information, if it should be needed.

Prior to your appointment, you will receive another appointment reminder.

2. Click the link provided to you by the clinician in an email or text message.

3. Review the landing page information to ensure a seamless connection and click Proceed

      4.  If admin has configured waiting room for your appointment, you will land on the screen below. You may receive a notification by email or text message  informing the same. While you wait for the Clinician to join your  appointment you can test your device at this stage to make sure your device is compatible for the video call. Click Test Device to test.
If you see an error any time during the device test, click Call Settings to try again else click Close and proceed with the call.

      5.  If waiting room is not configured for your appointment, you will be prompted to test your device


6.Any time during the device test, you will be prompted with Clinician is Ready for your Appointment screen when the host is available.

 7.Make sure you have allowed your camera/mic access to the video call and click Next

8. Click Allow to permit your microphone/camera to be used. This ensures you to be connected to the video call.

     9. Once device test is completed successfully you will be prompted to Call Preview,  here you can choose to turn off the audio or video before joining the call. However, audio or video can be enabled after joining the call.

 Once connected, your camera will display your video along with the clinician. The call controls allow you to manage the following:

  • Show/Hide - Click this arrow to show and hide the call control icons.
  • Switch Camera - Click the camera switch so that you can change the view of the camera.
  • Microphone  Mute/Unmute - Click the microphone  icon to control whether you want to mute or unmute yourself. It is recommended that you keep yourselves on unmute so that the clinician can hear you.
  • Video Enable/Disable - Click the video icon to control whether you want to enable or disable your video.
  • Chat- Click the chat button to send/receive text chats and files with the clinician.
  • Send Files- Click on the button to directly send files to the clinician.
  • Swap Video - Single tap on the inset video display to swap it with bigger video display.
  • Layout- Click Change Layout to switch between active and compact layout
  • Translation-Click translation to transmit the conversation
  • More- Click more to access call settings and layout.
  • End Call- Click the end call icon to end the video call.

Note: While on Chat, you can click on the inset video to return back to the video call or use the back arrow to do  so.

After the appointment ends you may be asked for your feedback to rate the service provided and the call based on your experience .

 You may also receive notification by email or text informing you that the appointment was closed, escalated, or noted as Patient DNA (did not attend).

Note: If you have trouble joining your appointment, most of the issues can be fixed by doing the following:

  • Refresh your browser.
  •  Close your browser and rejoin the appointment from a supported browser. 
  • Change your device.
  • For support, reach out to the phone number provided in your appointment letter.