What is Translated Conversation?

Translated Conversation allows Clinicians and Patients to communicate between themselves in their preferred language and translate their conversation into as many as 112 global languages, including scripts like Arabic and Hebrew which are written from right to left. 

Translation Conversation is available in the form of speech to text and text to text. It uses speech recognition technology to convert the Clinician’s or Patient’s speech into text and translate to their preferred language. Alternatively, the Clinician or Patient can type the message to be translated using their system keyboard or on- screen virtual keyboard. 

Real-time translation makes healthcare consultation more accessible for Patients, while protecting their privacy, while also removing the need to book an interpreter in advance . To enable this feature, let your clinician know you want to use it when you join the consultation, or follow the simple steps :

  1. Once Patient has joined the video call, to initiate translation click on the translate icon  and a popup message appears asking to select a preferred language. 
  2. Select language and click Enable, this sends a permission request to Clinician, to enable translation and requesting to update Clinician’s preferred language.
  3. The Translation toolbar is enabled when Clinician accepts the permission.